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Bring the power of localization to programmatic campaigns both large and small.

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Lead in digital by providing unique advertising solutions that leverage your own data and inventory.

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Localize audiences, messages, and budgets to individual locations, to drive more relevance and increased performance.

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TRADE DESKS & NETWORKS is the platform of choice for sophisticated buyers who manage hundreds or thousands of campaigns of all sizes.

Using's unique capabilities to target and optimize through unstructured data, trading desks and networks can:

  • Customize audiences to the needs of local markets
  • Quickly achieve high performance on campaigns of all sizes
  • Execute integrated campaigns across display, mobile, video, and social programmatically
  • Efficiently manage and report on hundreds or thousands of concurrent campaigns
  • Leverage's API to automate building, managing, optimizing, and reporting on campaigns


Media companies such as TV station groups, cable companies, newspaper holding companies, and radio groups turn to for their digital solutions.

In addition to leveraging’s capabilities with localized campaigns, media companies depend on to be their complete programmatic solution. provides:

  • Unstructured data targeting that enables customized audiences for their local and national advertisers
  • The ability to use the media group's data and inventory to create unique digital offerings that extend existing offerings and maximize revenue
  • A full-service and self-service offering to meet the needs of all partners.
  • A single platform that allows execution of display, mobile, video, and social campaigns.


For national and regional advertisers with multiple locations, delivers performance that can't be achieved by using broad-based, pre-set audience segments. enables advertisers to customize their audiences to local tastes, product preferences, and competition, driving more relevance and effectiveness. For brands and agencies, provides:

  • Utilize a fully transparent reporting system to pull deeper insights than ever possible from a segment
  • A streamlined workflow for setting up dozens or hundreds of localized campaign versions
  • A full-service offering, as well as an intuitive user interface for those who want to manage their own campaigns
  • The ability to customize audiences for local preferences, then optimize audiences on the fly as the campaign progresses

Does the world really need another programmatic marketing platform? Probably not. Could it use a better one? Definitely.

At we understand that when it comes to programmatic, the data makes all the difference. That's why we take our data unstructured.

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