Simpli.fi’s New Search Retargeting Video

The Simpli.fi team is proud to announce the release of our first video, intended to better aid marketing professionals in quickly outlining the value of keyword level targeting. Search Retargeting: How it Works
  • Instant access to valuable element level data on consumers (online behavior and actions, pages visited etc.)
  • A custom audience of users is created who have searched on the keywords you want to target
  • Display ads reach your audience globally
  • You acquire new customers
Keyword Contextual Targeting: How it Works
  • Allows you to target consumers who navigate directly to websites without performing a search at all.
  • Target users based on the keywords found in the pages they’re visiting
What makes our search retargeting and contextual targeting so much better than the rest?
  • Full strength immediately vs. slow building cookie pools
  • Transparent platform gives flexibility and visibility to optimize continuously, change keywords, bids etc.
  • Campaigns perform better
  • Marketers get deeper insights into their customer’s behavior