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Unstructured data intelligence helps agencies better understand campaigns 

FORT WORTH, TX–(Nov. 6, 2013) –, the programmatic marketing platform that leverages unstructured data, is helping advertising agencies during the notoriously stressful Q4 holiday ad onslaught by offering complete data visibility and fully transparent reporting for all its online display campaigns. This unprecedented level of reporting helps agencies understand in greater depth why campaigns are performing, enabling them to tune budget allocations and maximize ROI.

“Agencies often don’t receive the insights from their programmatic partners that enable them to completely understand the factors driving campaign performance,” said Frost Prioleau, CEO of “This is because the typical opaque audience segments used by most demand side platforms (DSP) mask the specific consumer actions, such as searches or pages visited, that put the prospect into the audience segment in the first place.” uses unstructured data to build more effective audiences than are available using pre-packaged audience segments. Because bidding, reporting, and optimizing is done at the data element level instead of the segment level, advertisers gain the complete campaign visibility and control that they need to truly know what’s driving campaign performance and to move budget to the data that is working.

Prioleau continued, “Our approach to programmatic display helps agencies make sense of the results they receive. Using unstructured data provides far deeper insights – everything from pre-purchase behaviors to details on campaign integrity to deep data about how every keyword and keyword combination performed. As agencies work through the holiday shopping season, this level of data transparency will help them serve their clients better.”

To read more about why unstructured data can help ad agencies make stronger strategic decisions, read the company’s “Four Things Every Programmatic Marketer Deserves to Know” guide here.

About is a programmatic marketing platform that translates unstructured data into relevant and profitable advertising. By capitalizing on the insight and granularity offered by unstructured data, the platform empowers advertisers to deliver targeted ads built on real-time insight and context instead of using broader prepackaged segments. combines the effectiveness of search marketing with the reach and brand impact of display advertising to drive higher performance, greater transparency and a more compelling customer experience. For more information, please visit


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