Monetize Your Inventory

Using the platform, publishers and networks maximize the value of their inventory while maintaining complete control.  Benefits of monetizing your inventory on with include:
  • Unstructured Data Targeting. By combining your inventory with unstructured data, the inventory becomes more valuable to advertisers, enabling them to pay higher prices.
  • Data Network.’s data network consists of 100% intent data. Combining your inventory with search data further enhances the value of your inventory.
  • Category Contextual Targeting. Using our contextual classification technology, we classify each page on your site or network into one of 300 IAB approved contextual categories. Advertisers are willing to pay more for inventory that has been classified at the page level.
  • Keyword Contextual Targeting. By making your inventory available on the platform, advertisers are able to target impressions based on the presence of keywords on each page, increasing demand and improving the value of your inventory.
In addition to maximizing the revenue of your inventory, enables you to maintain complete control.
  • Set multiple pricing floors.
  • Right of first refusal on impressions.
  • Block undesired advertisers.
  • Block undesired advertisements.
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