Monetize Your Data offers publishers, networks, and others with audience data the opportunity to generate incremental revenue while gaining valuable audience insights. Benefits of licensing your data to include:
  • Maximum Monetization of Your Data –’s rapidly growing platform adoption enables publishers to earn larger payouts on the platform
  • Complete Security – Your data is used only on the platform, and you earn revenue whenever it is used. does not re-sell your data to other networks, trading desks, or exchanges. Also, you can choose only to enable certain advertisers to use your data on
  • Deeper Insights – reports data usage and payouts by each individual keyword, so data providers see exactly what licensed data is providing revenue
Become a partner today to start generating more revenue and gaining deep insights!
How Does it Work?
After placing our tag in the code of your website, we collect anonymous user information. Nothing personally identifiable is collected. Data is only used on the platform, minimizing data leakage.  

When existing users leave your site, we continue to serve ads to them as they navigate the web.
You make money. Every time your data is used, you get paid.