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Simpli.fi drives sales volume, produces conversions and reduces CPA for Nation’s leading home improvement retailer.

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The Opportunity
Nationally recognized home improvement retailer looks to the effectiveness of search retargeting to leverage existing paid search keyword lists to product better performance at a lower cost. Looking to drive sales of two key product categories. Specifically, driving as many conversions as possible for the first product under a $3 CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) and a CPA of $127. The second product’s goals were driving as many conversions as possible under a $3 CPM and CPA of $200.
Why Simpli.fi
First Product

  • 1,703 conversions during the campaign’s run
  • Simpli.fi drove the sale of 765 units of the first product
  • Simpli.fi reduced the CPA by 74%
Second Product

  • Drove the sale of 938 units of the second product
  • Reduced the CPA by 79%