Extend Your Audience

Grow your revenue by using Simpli.fi to deliver larger campaigns targeted to your precise audience. Use either your first party data, or 3rd party data from the Simpli.fi Data Network or another source, extend your audience to other sites while precisely matching the targeting criteria from your owned and operated sites. Using Simpli.fi’s unstructured data targeting, you can build your extended audiences several ways, while enhancing the overall performance of the campaign:
  • Site Retargeting – Target users who have visited your site or other sites in your network
  • Search Retargeting – Build custom audiences by targeting users who have searched on specific terms that you specify
  • Contextual Targeting- Use standard or custom taxonomies by specifying keywords on pages you want to target
  • Demographic Targeting- Target users based on over 700 demographic attributes
Why Simpli.fi?
  • Multiple targeting options to precisely match your audience
  • Multi-variate optimization capabilities to enhance CTR, CPA or CPC performance
  • Capability to use both first party and third party data
  • Element level reporting to deliver deep analytics and insights
  • Both an intuitive self-serve user interface, and expert client services
  • Complete data security