DSP Pricing

There shouldn’t be any secrets with your display advertising campaign. So we’re up front with you about our pricing from the very beginning.

Simpli.fi provides complete cost and pricing transparency that is unmatched in the industry. We charge based on a percentage of advertiser spend, and we show the exact amount you are spending on media, data, and our platform fees. We do not perform CPM Arbitrage.
  • Transparency for Advertisers: Our advertisers see exactly what they are paying for each element of their campaign. See pricing and cost of media, data, our services and how much is spent on: each domain where ads are run, each keyword against which their ads are targeted, each exchange and more. Break reporting down further for each hour of the day, and more.
  • Transparency for Data and Inventory Providers: Our data and inventory partners see the actual price that advertisers pay for their data or inventory and the amount spent on each keyword or domain.
Our data network enables us to pass through the actual data cost behind every impression instead of giving you the same high-priced segmented data from a third party sold at a flat CPM with hidden margins that all your competitors are getting too. This is the transparency that matters and we’re committed to giving it to you.