Our platform delivers higher performance and deeper insights because it is built from scratch to leverage the power of unstructured data

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Take Campaign Performance to a Higher Level

  • Bid, report and optimize with unstructured data rather than traditional pre-packaged data segments.
  • Achieve industry leading CPA, CTR and CPC performance through fully automated multivariate optimization.
  • Maximize your reach by accessing millions of websites and billions of monthly search events through the Data Network.
  • Implement the right strategies to meet your goals, including: search retargeting, site retargeting, contextual targeting, demographic targeting, and other targeting techniques.
  • Real time campaign management, including bid/pricing management.
  • Manage your own campaigns through our full featured, easy-to-use self-service user interface, or take advantage of our fully managed service option.
  • Build’s capabilities into your platform using our complete work flow API.
  • Gain deep insights through our fully transparent, detailed reporting and analytics.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Collect and Integrate

  • Leverage your 1st-party data in its raw, unstructured form to achieve maximum campaign performance and deeper insights.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need to create pre-packaged audience segments.
  • Incorporate offline CRM / POS data to gain insights into your customers’ online behavior.
  • Simplify management of vast amounts of data in one central location
  • Access customer analytics that show where the most effective opportunities lie
  • Build high-performance audiences quickly and easily

Supply Side Platform (SSP)

Access and Organize

  • Maximize the value of your inventory by pairing it with unstructured intent data.
  • Reserve your inventory for your direct sales force, or access thousands of new advertisers on the platform
  • Set multiple floor prices including “right if first refusal”
  • Let our technology handle all the ins and outs of fill rates and yield so you get the maximum ROI for each transaction
  • Gain granular insights into inventory values