Audience Building provides a better way for advertisers to build and target audiences

Specifically, enables:

  • Customized Audiences: Instead of selling you pre-packaged audience segments like other DSPs do, with you can define your own audience from scratch using keywords or other unstructured data
  • On-the-fly Audience Optimization: Once a campaign is launched, audiences can be manually or automatically optimized around the best-performing elements to drive improved campaign performance
  • Variable Recency: Time matters with audience targeting. enables you to target audiences based on data that is anywhere from a few seconds old to 30 days old, so that your audience can be targeted with the best recency for delivering the results you need
  • Complete Transparency: provides visibility into how each element in your audience performs, enabling you to attain both better campaign performance and deeper insights into your customers

If you are using pre-packaged audience segments, you are likely overpaying for your data, and your campaigns are likely underdelivering compared to their potential.

With you can build your audience from:

The Data Network:

    • 600 million + user profiles
    • 10 billion search events per month
    • 100% intent data
    • Variable recency from a few seconds to 30 days
    • Over 750 demographic attributes, including: interests, house data, affluence indicators, geography and more.