Armin Roehrl

Armin Roehrl is the Chief Designer at He constantly (re)designs’s system and makes sure it behaves and scales globally across data centers. He is also in charge of the optimization team.

Prior to, Roehrl held the role of Senior Developer and Architect at Collective Media. Prior to that, he held the same role at Personifi, where he was focused on the development of contextual and behavioral targeting.

Roehrl has more than 15 years of experience in parallel computing. He is the co-author of two IT books, and has published over 100 articles on a variety of subjects from extreme value theory to portfolio optimization. Roehrl is also an active entrepreneur; he has been involved in a number of companies as either an investor, advisor, or founder.

Roehrl studied Math and Computation at Oxford University, and holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).